Internal trading competition

Internal trading competition seminars, supported by Admiral markets, turned out to be a very successful project. In the course of three seminars, people at SSE Riga were able to gain useful knowledge about trading, which ranged from practical trading tips to an understanding of how to create a proper trading strategy. This competition allowed our students to apply their prior theoretical knowledge in finance to real life and understand the importance of practical tasks. During the seminars rooms were full of people, the competition itself was quite tough and the project itself really interesting, so we hope that this individual competition will turn out to become one of the traditions of the Ifund.

Guest lectures

A primary goal of IFund is education and the professional development of students in the sphere of finance through organizing different events. Guest lectures are the constant events organized by IFund in order to enhance students’ awareness of new spheres and help them to build business networks. On November 22, there was a guest lecture of Reinis Bekeris- a recent graduate of SSER as well as Chairman of IFund Board, who is successfully building a career in finance. The meeting was dedicated to Reinis’s experience of education in SSER and his own advice on how to combine studies and an active social life. The auditorium of the guest lecture was full of students- and all listeners have known some valuable tips from the successful graduate of SSER.

The mafia party

As always in SSE, new academic year has started with the recruitment of new associates into organization. Although not everyone managed to get through tough interviews, IFund became the largest organization in the university this year after the SA. Thus, in order to break the ice in the newly-formed team, it was decided to organize a team-building event. IFund is known for awesome parties and awesome people attending them, so, on October 19th, associates were invited to a mafia themed party in a private house. Goal of the event was to erase boundaries and close up newcomers with each other and board members. IFunders enjoyed games, drinks, poker, dancing, sauna with swimming pool, and other activities. By the end of the party, IFund had become a real mafia family, a closed community, where everyone is appreciated and valued.