The Investment Fund of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga was founded as a student organization in 1997.

Since then the Investment Fund has shown only progress and better performance. The first board started with a rough version of the Investment Game and little to no resources. Nevertheless, each year, the boards, along with their associates and generous help from sponsors, managed to lead this organization and provide added value to both the university and its students. Throughout the past 23 years, new opportunities were pursued, new traditions were added, such as guest lectures from field professionals, seminars about finance and trading, informational newsletters and practical games.

All these were done with the purpose to gather people that are passionate about finance and to help them apply their knowledge in practice. For 23 years this has been done successfully, and this is due to the previous boards that have done their best to make the organization better and more valuable for SSE Riga students.

The Investment Fund of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga is one of the oldest and best-established student organizations in SSE Riga. The Investment Fund focuses its efforts towards education and professional development of students in the sphere of finance through seminars, guest lectures and two annual internal and international competitions - The Investment Game and The SSE Riga Finance Challenge.

The Board of the Investment Fund consists of SSE Riga students, operating the organization and organizing the main activities.

The Board of 2020/2021 consists of 5 dedicated members who are doing their best to maintain the high standards of the IFund and also constantly evolve and improve.



Position Name E-Mail
Chairman of the Board Dans Staermans
Chief Macroeconomist Artūrs Āķis
Chief Event Organizer Artūrs Fleišmans
Chief Marketing Officers Daria Shepetko
Internal Processes Manager Alena Chernykh



Marketing Market analysts Event

Ilona Chaiko

Linda Dubina

Georgii Uchadze

Irina Adeļeviča

Dmytro Hutsal

Evelīna Zariņa

Gustavs Atis Klavis

Viestards Pālens

Alexander Medvedjev

Tauri Laidro

Artūrs Jānis Ņikitins

Lotte Vahelaan

Ahmad Jahid Sakhi

Andrey Philippov

Oskars Vainovskis

Titas Galkinas

Viktor Pavlikha

Nikita Jendovickis

Diāna Zariņa

Lada Samarska

Teodors Muzis

Daniil Ennus

Artur Susha

Tenis Lenerts

Leonards Norvelis

Aleksandrs Sverdlovs

Mikelis Janis Benuzs

Alina Kotliarova

Markus Sinka

Adam Taranda

Igors Tatarinovs

Dmitry Solodov

Timofei Perfilov

Ignas Vėgelė

Аrtem Zavarin

Ragnārs Krūmiņš

Renat Stanko

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