The “Musk Effect” or How A Single Man Can Move Markets

Elon Musk Laughing

Prepared by A.J.Nikitins and V. Palens

Elon Musk. It is safe to say that everyone including their grandparents has at least heard the name of the eccentric protagonist of this article. Achieving fame from his revolutionary electric automobile and space transportation ventures, Musk is also known for his presence on  Twitter, where he has attained a cult-like following. Some might say that it has become a bit too much like a cult. A large and ferocious following can easily lead to disaster. That is why Musk’s activities on Twitter have been marked by few and minor cases of significant effects on financial markets, to the detriment of regulatory institutions and investors alike. While many of them were related to his EV company Tesla, some tweets have impacted the stock prices of other companies and recently even cryptocurrencies.

Haha electric car go bzzzzz

A shining example of what Musk can do is the “Tesla stock price too high imo” tweet posted on May 1, 2020, (Musk, 2020b). It might seem weird for a CEO to write about the overvaluation of a stock’s price, but, well, he got what he wanted. Investors and traders agreed with his sentiment, and Tesla’s stock price fell by 10% (Peters, 2020). Combined with Tesla’s already skyrocketing market cap, this drop amounted to roughly $14bn (Hotten, 2020). While from the side this situation appeared quite silly, investors felt the heat, with some pushing for a lawsuit against Elon, as this had not been the first time Musk had done something like this (Canellis, 2021).

Nearly three years ago on August 7, 2018, when the stock value was 10 times less than it is now, Musk made a peculiar tweet: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” (Musk, 2018) With the claim that Tesla will soon go private, the stock price shot up by 13% (Stempel, 2020). While this tweet could be chalked up to Musk just being a bit insane, the motive could have been an attack on short sellers. Due to the jump in the price of Tesla stock, they experienced losses of around $1.3bn (Kim & Picker, 2018). Whatever the reasons might have been, this tweet was not liked by regulators. The SEC slapped a $40 million fine on Tesla and Musk, as well as demanded that Musk be removed as chairman (Stempel, 2020).

It is clear that Elon’s personality and Twitter-based outbursts have the power (if only in the short run) to spur some financial shenanigans.

What the f* is a Signal™?

As it would be, Tesla’s stock has not been the only thing affected by Elon’s tweets. On January 7, 2021, Elon tweeted, “Use signal” (Musk, 2021). What Elon referred to was Signal – a rapidly growing messaging app (Signal, n.d.). At the end of 2020, this app had 20 million active users; after Elon’s tweet, the number of users in January 2021 had doubled to 40 million. By now, you would have guessed that Signal’s stock had hiked during this period, and… you would be wrong. The company that owns the Signal app, Signal Foundation, is not publicly traded (Curry, 2021). It is a non-profit organization. What actually ended up happening was the skyrocketing of a penny stock called SIGL (Signal Advance Inc). The stock price of SIGL spiked up within two days by 6450% from $0.60 to $38.70. Signal Advance Inc offers medical devices for complicated medical examinations and has absolutely nothing to do with the Signal app (Signal Advance, 2015). However, this stock is the first thing that pops up when you search “Signal stock” on Google and, therefore, people with FOMO did not even think twice before buying the stock that Musk had supposedly recommended in his tweet.


Another excellent example of an influencer’s power on markets is Elon’s tweet on December 20,2 020. He simply wrote, “One word: Doge” (Musk, 2020a). This tweet sent up Dogecoin’s value by 20% in only a single day. This was not the last of Musk’s influence on Dogecoin. Just last Saturday, May 8, 2021, Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live with a few mentions of the coin throughout the show led to its price dropping by 29% to as low as $0.45 (Sigalos, 2021). It is insane to think that a coin whose value had grown by 15 000% this year alone could have lost a third of the gains just because of a single Musk’s appearance on live television.

It is safe to say that the cult of Musk will continue to follow his tweets as gospel for the time being. With lawsuits yet to lead to any ultimate restrictions on his access to the platform, Musk’s propensity to post bizarre and controversial tweets will continue unrestricted. With effects all across the financial markets from his own companies to more volatile and risky cryptocurrencies, Musk might be the precursor to an era of financial influencers. Just like influencers on Instagram give recommendations on everything from lifestyles to makeup, celebrities, like Elon Musk, could use their popularity to sway the increasingly retailised financial markets.


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