SSE Riga Investment Fund

Opening doors to Finance industry to SSE Rigans since 1998

iFund Events

Internal Trading Competition

Our annual competition for students from SSE Riga. We provide our associates with a platform where they can test their investment ideas and strategies. The Top 3 contestants get to meet Head of Retail Banking of Luminor and a money prize.

Finance Challenge

Our annual competition for students all around the world. We provide them with finance related tasks where they can test their knowledge. Our judges are highly skilled professionals from broad scope of backgrounds. The Top 3 contestants are able to win recognition and a money prize.

iFund Team

Tomass Konstantinovs

Chief of the Board

Anastasija Sergela

Chief Marketing Officer

Anatolii Saiko

Chief Macroeconomist

Georgi Aksjonov


Klavs Grinbergs

Chief Portfolio Manager
Marketing Associates
Market Analysts
Event Associates
Supervisory Board

Values, Vision and Mission

We are here to expose as many SSE Riga students to the Finance industry. We are here to share our joy and interest by giving back to the society by inviting many notable finance industry people in SSE to speak, talk and share. Our goal is to give people a learning foundation where they can foster their finance knowledge and hopefully find their own path and have some fun with Finance geeks

iFund Partners

Luminor provided iFund with trading platform during our annual Internal Trading Competition. Also, helped to fund a prize pool for contestants and provided quantitative data in order to make small weekly reports

Get in contact with us

Do you look for young and motivated group of people interested in finance and wish to support us ? Drop us an email and we will make sure to reach you back