Finance Challenge

SSE Riga Finance Challenge 2017

iFund invites students to participate in an investment contest SSE Riga Finance Challenge 2017 that gives them an opportunity to apply the knowledge in Economics and Finance as well as win a cash prize from total prize pool of 1900€.

Contest structure

SSE Riga Finance Challenge consists of preliminary rounds and a case study that requires some economics and finance knowledge.


Every Bachelor, Master or PhD student from 18 to 25 years old can take part in the contest by forming a team of 2-3 students.


Main judge committee consists of the present iFund board members. Organizers have a right to invite following groups of people in the judge committee: previous iFund board members, lecturers of SSE Riga and other universities, or people employed in the financial and economics sphere.


SSE Riga Finance Challenge 2017 prize pool is 1800€ and allocation among teams is following:

1st place – 1000€;

2nd place – 550€;

3rd place – 350€.

Application process

  • Find a team of 3 students (for more details go back to section “Participants”);
  • Register by the link below till March 26, 2017.

Good luck!

Web-site and registration: