Investment Fund

Business cycle. How to stay self-conscious in the speculative environment?


By Vaidas Alisauskas & Matas Poska

What are the best ways to secure an investment? As nowadays different financial institutions, well-known economists are speculating about the upcoming recession and areas to invest, it is difficult to choose whether to trust them or not. Therefore, the main goal of our article is to educate and help people to make self-conscious decisions in the future that would increase the probability not only of saving the invested capital but increasing it as well.

CDOs. What are they?

CDO’s or in long term collateralized debt obligations are investment products sold to investors which are backed by the number of loans (auto loans, mortgages, corporate debt). It is the specific type of derivative because it derives value from another underlying asset. The underlying assets of CDOs are collateral which essentially and gives the value to the CDOs, and therefore that is why the CDOs are called “collateralized”.

11-17 November. News digest

By Artem Zavarin and Simon Bohovich

Monday, November 11.

US stocks were under pressure due to the uncertainty over trade talks and Hong Kong’s strenuous political situation. Stocks in Hong Kong suffered their biggest one-day drop because of the growing protest chaos in the city.